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Celler Vell Brut Reserva

Celler Vell Brut Reserva



Macabeu, Xarel.lo, Parellada

Produced using traditional varieties. A perfect accompaniment to informal meals, it goes perfectly with “embutidos” (Spanish cured, spiced sausage), all kinds of tortillas, cold meats and tapas in general.

39,93 €




Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel·lo

Traditional range

This range is based on those cavas produced using the region’s typical varieties: Xarel.lo, Macabeu and Parellada (with the exception of the rosé which is produced using Carinena and Tempranillo), in line with the strictest orthodoxy of cava wine but incorporating those technological advances which enhance its quality:

  • Use of first pressing wines, which undergo controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature, to preserve the original properties - flavour and bouquet - of Penedès must.
  • Selection of the most appropriate sugar and yeast to achieve an optimum second fermentation with all this entails: fine, regular bubbles, persistent crown, etc.
  • Use of dosage, with a clean, clear bouquet and flavour (no essences used), which does not mask the qualities of the cuvee base wine but helps to bring them out and combine to perfection.

Tasting note

Light gold colour with greenish reflections. Fine, abundant bubbles. Clean, intense flavour. Fruity, well-balanced and tasty. An uncomplicated cava for any occasion. Its freshness and smoothness make it suitable as an impromptu aperitif and to whet the appetite before dinner.