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Celler Vell's Blog

 Enjoy the Opera with Celler Vell


This month we invite you to participate in another unique event: a concert we have called "Tast d'Opera" which will unite the best of both worlds: a selection of arias from authors like Verdi and Donizetti and a tasting of three of our cavas

 Cava cocktails workshop in Tirsa


Celler Vell proposes participate in a unique experience: a workshop of making cava cocktails that we will do next April 10 at 20:00 in the Tirsa, considered by many the best cocktail bar in Barcelona.

We start the tirage!


This March we began the process to develop our cavas. With the tirages, the first step in the production of cava which consists in bottleing base wine which is added the tirage liqueur, sugar and yeast designed to provoke a second fermentation will cause the foaming property.

Consolidate export to Belgium and Germany


Last year we made several commercial activities with the collaboration of ACCIÓ which has allowed us to consolidate and increase our exports to Belgium and Germany.