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Celler Vell at the truffle gastronomic fair

Publicat el 27/11/2009

Celler Vell at the truffle gastronomic fair

The 1st Specialist and Gastronomic Fair of the "Trufa de la Baronia de Rialb" (Baronia de Rialb Truffle) began on November 27th and continues until the 29th of the month. A series of presentations were given on this exquisite product and the great touristic draw it represents - through gastronomy - for the Baronia de Rialb area, which already has great potential for many other reasons (landscape, Romanesque architecture, hiking, fishing, etc.). There were also visits in the company of experts to the fields where truffles are grown and a cookery workshop using truffles led by the chef Michel Bayloch del Rest. El Cresper (Encamp).

Cavas Celler Vell had the opportunity to work with the Masía Massanés and Rialb restaurants, as well as with Masía Perdigués - specialist in artisan “embutidos” (Spanish cured, spiced sausage) - who jointly organised a beautifully presented tasting of dishes crafted with black truffle. Attendees at the fair were given the opportunity to combine with our Brut Nature Reserva cava, which was also splendidly received.

The truffle season has only just begun in Baronia de Rialb and will continue until the 15th of March. You can enjoy special truffle menus at the establishments mentioned, accompanied by our cava which has been personalised with a label for the occasion.