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We have inaugurated a Model Train Layout inside our Cellar

Publicat el 30/06/2015

 We have inaugurated a Model Train Layout inside our Cellar

We gladly announce you that we have been working since several months in the development of a H0 model train Layout that is placed inside our Cellar.

We have built a Layout H0 scale that reproduces El Celler Vell, its vineyards and their environment that we know as the Cava Country. Without trying to reflect in a too much exhaustively way the reality, we have kept the principal elements of the surrounding area of our Cava. The AP-7 Highway, the High-Speed rail and the metropolitan Trains of RENFE make it clear that the “Penedès” region thanks to its location in the center of the Mediterranean pre-littoral depression has always been a communication land, a trade zone and definitely a pass area. An example for that is the Via Augusta in the roman empire; as well as the high-way and the high-speed train in our modern era.

We are looking forward to welcome you in our cellar. Take a look into a very impressive world. The Layout is for visitors of any ages that want to see our environment reproduced in a very accurate reality not only for its small size but also for its details.

Entrance Fees

Children below 10 years old: Free Entrance

Students from 10 to 17 years old: 3€
Adults from 18 to 65 years old: 6€ + 3€ Voucher (1Taste included)
Seniors above 65 years old 4€ + 1€ Voucher (1 Taste included)
Timetable and Visits
Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00h am till 2:00h am
Reservations in advanced required at or Telf. 607-182-783