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We won the Vinari Prize to the Best Organic Cava Gran Reserva

Publicat el 11/10/2014

 We won the Vinari Prize to the Best Organic Cava Gran Reserva

We are pleased to announce that our Estruch Cava Brut Reserva Eco has won Vinari Prize to the Best Organic cava Gran Reserva.

The prize-giving ceremony was held last night in the Vilafranca del Penedès Auditorium and other 166 wines and cavas elaborated in Catalonia were awarded. Our Manager Josep Maria Estruch receveid the prize. Mr. Estruch was very happy and says that "this award is good recognition of our work. He have mad a cava with adde values: is a different coupage (only Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vinified in white), is a Gran Reserva that procedes from organic agriculture.

The relevance of these prizes since "It will help us visualize our winery as people lose the fear of unfamiliar cavas"

Vinari Prizes are organized by Vadevi.Cat website and this year celebrated the Second Edition. The goal is to know That the wines produced in Catalonia.

The Estruch Brut Reserva Cava Eco continues our walk started on 10 years ago with Estruch Nature Classic. He made an improved version with a comprehensive care of these vineyards with the greatest respect for the environment, manual grape harvesting, obtaining the flower must for our base wine and using organic sugar cane to activate the second fermentation.

As part of a very limited production , these solid foundations we have to add the magnificent " blend " , made from Pinot Noir ( vinified white) and Chardonnay , and ultimately raising more than 3 years in our cellars , which give the condition of an exclusive Gran Reserva.

Is an intense gold cava, with green hues. Very fine bubbles forming whole, persistent crown . Aroma complex and balanced , with no predominance of either varieties that make up the mix. Creamy , spacious with glyceric sensations . Surprising touches that give fresh citrus , considering its long aging . Structured Cava , with remarkable body.

Premi Vinari 2014

Diploma Vinari


Estruch Brut Nature Gran Reserva Eco

Intense gold with green hues. Very fine bubbles forming whole,...