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Celler Vell hits the headlines

Publicat el 08/06/2011

Celler Vell hits the headlines

Our manager, Josep Mª Estruch, gave an interview to the website, in which he spoke about his experience in the sector of online sales and about the recent incursion of our cellar into social networks.

According to our manager, there are many advantages to putting yourself in the hands of professionals, in this case a services company in Barcelona: “Since we have been with Posiciona1 we have taken a significant jump forwards. Before that, we were like most websites, with a more catalogue-based profile, then we focused more on selling, something which we have noted not only in sales but also in visits”.

Mr. Estruch also rated highly the work done up until now: “Through the website a modest cava like Celler Vell has achieved a significant impact in terms of visits, clicks and a positive effect on online sales”. Regarding the presence of our cellar on social networks, Estruch confirmed: “I am very aware of the importance of working hand in hand with new technology”.